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The journey surely began in the heart of God before birth.                 
Nevertheless, Angeloyd Bolar Fenrick from a young child had a strong desire to help people live better and experience justice even in a time of  racial segregation in Alabama.  This desire gradually gave way to individual prayer for homeless men in 1988, then growing to A Ministry Of Hope in 1990-1997.  The ministry  was birthed and centered 
at St. John CME Church in SE Washington DC. Since then, Columbia Learning International Ministries has grown exponentially from:

Prayer and Bible Study in SE  Men's Shelter

Feeding the Hungry


Free Barbering for Those in Need


Affordable Housing for the Working Homeless


Programming designed to help consumers




"What is CLIM?"

In January of 1991, the Ministry of Hope was born as a prompting in the heart of Angeloyd Fenrick In June 1997, the Ministry of Hope was renamed Columbia Learning International Ministries (CLIM) and has been making a remarkable difference in the community ever since.  Founded and directed by  Angeloyd Fenrick along with a devoted Board of Directors and volunteers, our mission from the start has been to change lives through the Word of God, targeted programming,  case management, individual/group counseling, and continued relationship.  We provide affordable housing for our clients as a stepping stone toward complete independence. We believe that, through our programs, we can help others move from homelessness to hope and a future!

For a detailed history of our organization, check out our 25 year anniversary article. 

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Celebrating Our Founders!

Meet Angeloyd and Joseph Fenrick, the founders of our organization. Here's an excerpt about them from a recent CLIM publication: 

Angeloyd Fenrick founder of CLIM, former School Psychologist, Licensed Social Worker and Ordained Minister reflects on the Word, Name, Love, Blood and Grace of God as she remembers the journey of CLIM. It (has) included:

The leading of God  at the same time over twenty-seven years ago (1988)


 The provision of the Ministry of Hope and many similar ministries and social services over twenty-five years ago;


 Just over seventeen years from the beginning,  the 501c(3), Columbia Learning International Ministries (CLIM) has helped provide Affordable temporary housing for over 380 individuals/families in a twelve-unit apartment building in SE, Washington, DC.


 In the past three years, community services to more than 3,000 persons and families.


 Assisted in the training of thirty-two professional counseling, legal, social work and ministry interns over our sixteen years, most of whom are now licensed and serving hundreds of people daily.


 Former resident and Carpenter Apprentice of the Year for five  years, graduated at the top of his class; Now married, in permanent housing, employed as a supervisor of contracts and a CLIM Board member.


 Together with my husband, Joseph C. Fenrick, we can only say thanks to our board members, volunteers, family and supporters for allowing the Lord to work through you!!


 We say thank you, thank you, thank you Jesus!

We collaborate with other organizations that strive to make our communities better. They include, but are not limited to: